What we offer

SenseAbility offers Actionable, Customized Solutions and Success through:

· Training Workshops - participative and experiential learning ans skills transfer

· Qualitative Consumer Research

· Professional Meeting Facilitation

· Consultation in Applied Sensory Science

· Quality of Life Coaching

· Team Dynamics Processes


Through the application of:

a.        Professional Process Facilitation and Consultation

· Applied Innovation: strategic planning, idea generation and implementation

· Development of Deliberate Creative Thinking and Intelligence

· Leadership Training and Team Development: Appreciation, Strengths- and Values-driven Approach

· Professional Meeting Facilitation

b.       Deep Dive Sensory & Consumer Insights

· Specialized Qualitative Consumer Research

· Sensory Science applied to New Product Development & Marketing

· Uncovering the unconscious motivators

c.        Quality of Life Coaching

· Principles of Heartfelt leadership

· Individual self-awareness & Empowerment

· Bringing the Whole of You Along


What’s in it for You? 

· Improve individual/team performance via principles of Creative Problem Solving

· Expand creative thinking and innovation as a core competency in your people

· Develop novel solutions to pressing & unsolved problems in both business and life

· Build & maintain consumer brand loyalty through connecting with heart & head

· Expand research and development to include the consumer voice in new ways

· Create conditions that allow ideas to emerge: any time, any place, by anyone

· Maximize team buy-in and tap into inner wisdom using professional facilitation

· Develop individual leadership skills through SenseAbility Team Building Process

· Address personal life challenges through SenseAbility Quality of Life Coaching

· Enhance sustainability & growth by positive reframing & seeing with new eyes